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Row 34 is an oyster bar with a focus on beer. I really wish I were more into oysters and beer, because I hear that Row 34 does both well. But the fact that this restaurant can make home run dishes outside of those specialties shows that Row 34 isn’t just a two-trick pony. Besides, […]

My problem has never been adding dishes to my dinner order, but rather eliminating enough items while browsing the menu that I can reasonably call it a meal instead of a banquet. I can’t help it. I’m a food blogger. I like as much variety as I can cram into each meal. And the more […]

Neither of us could remember how Lobster Landing ended up on our list of summer plans, but it had been there since last year so my boyfriend and I decided to finally cross it off. Why drive two hours from the Boston area to a lobster shack in Clinton, Connecticut, you ask? Because I had […]

My 21st birthday present from my boyfriend was a tasting menu at o ya, widely regarded as Boston’s best sushi restaurant! Chef Tim Cushman makes magic in the kitchen while his wife Nancy provides award-winning customer service in the front of the house. The Leather District restaurant’s renowned hospitality, eclectic music, and creative cuisine keep raising […]

Molecular gastronomy is the elevation of science in cooking. Obviously all cooking involves science—biology, chemistry, physics—but molecular gastronomy is about viewing food through that lens and using that scientific perspective to find new ways of being creative. Critics point out that sometimes molecular gastronomy elevates process above results. It’s not popular here in Boston, so […]

“You will love this place.” “You’re going to want to order everything on the menu.” “Nic, I’m telling you, you can already mark this as one of your favorite restaurants in Chicago.” My boyfriend had been talking up Little Goat in Chicago, Illinois for months before I got to try it. The diner is owned […]

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The hours advertise, “until sold out.” This is the most important thing to know about the Doughnut Vault in Chicago, Illinois. From this single fact, you can deduce that (1) the donuts must be good if they always sell out, and (2) you need to wait in line. A long line, for a long time. […]


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