About Me

My name is Nicole. I studied journalism at Northeastern University in Boston and now work at the Boston Globe’s metro desk, covering breaking news. I love food, photography, and writing. That’s how this blog came about.

For more links to some of my professional food writing, including Edible Boston, WGBH’s Craving Boston, and Boston.com, visit this page on my website.

Please feel free to contact me at TheGirlWhoAteBoston@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Food bloggers love (need) feedback!


I had been kicking around the idea of a food blog for over a year prior to actually starting this one. The more food writing I read, the more I wanted to try my hand at it. Over the course of a few months I built up a substantial food photography album on Facebook, and after encouragement from family and friends, I finally decided to Just Do It.

I am unsure of how often I will be posting on this blog, as there are financial and time constraints associated with regular updates. Also, I like to take some time to review posts after I first write them. But I hope to keep it up semi-regularly, and use it to chronicle my food adventures!


I look forward to meals. I delight in deciding what to eat for dinner tomorrow night. I pore over cookbooks and scour the internet for a new recipe to consume my Saturday. I feel genuinely excited when I try a new restaurant. I make an active effort to be happy and excited about the food I eat.

I love food. But the significance of that statement requires some context. Before 2010, my palette was limited. I refused to eat anything that contained onions, peppers, or mushrooms. I didn’t eat hamburger,  French fries, or steak. I had never tried lobster, shrimp, clams or most kinds of fish, nevermind sushi or caviar or foie gras. I was completely lost in the kitchen and hardly ever dined out.

Becoming a foodie wasn’t an overnight change. I had known for years that my impossibly long List of Foods I Will Never Ever Eat was an affliction I needed to shake, and occasionally I did make attempts to try new foods. But it wasn’t until I began dating a foodie that my perception reversed 180 degrees.

Eating is a staple part of a human’s daily routine. Whether a Michelin-starred tasting menu, or an Italian deli lunch grabbed between meetings, or a cookie mashed into ice cream when you finally get home at night—if you can find a way to enjoy food, then you have a regular source of happiness in your life.

All in all, it’s a pretty nice way to live.

What are your thoughts?

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