Nicole’s Food Heaven

This is an incomplete, disorganized list of the foods and dishes that exist in my own personal food heaven. Some I have blogged about, some I haven’t.

The first question I get when I tell someone that I have a food blog is almost always “What’s your favorite restaurant?” But asking a food blogger “What’s your favorite restaurant?” is like asking a PhD candidate to briefly describe their thesis. Cuisine? Location? Price range? Time of year? I can go on, and on, and on, and …

Since I can never choose a “favorite” but do want to answer the question, I usually pick items from two or three restaurants on this list and describe them in detail. There is no other reason that this list has been moved outside of my mind and onto the Internet. Enjoy!

French fries with tomato aioli ** see blog post
Alta Strada // Wellesley, MA

Chocolate peanut candy bar dessert ** see blog post
Row 34 // Boston, MA

Biscuits and giant nutter butter
Sweet Cheeks Q // Boston, MA 

The entire sausage section of the brunch menu
DBGB // New York City, NY

Wagyu on the hot stone ** see blog post
Oishii // Boston, MA and Newton, MA

Gordon Hamersley’s roast chicken ** see blog post
Hamersley’s Bistro // Boston, MA

Elderflower grapefruit fizz ** see blog post
Menton // Boston, MA

“Sea of Love” pasta with lobster, shrimp, and scallops ** BOOOOO they took it off the menu
Joe’s Beachside Bar // Orleans, MA

Onion rings ** see blog post
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House // Boston, MA

Krispy Kreme // Mohegan Sun in Montville, CT

Goat cheese and vegetable sandwich ** see blog post
Cafe Mangal // Wellesley, MA

Apple fritter french toast ** see blog post
Hole In One // Orleans, MA

Roasted stuffed bell pepper
Parkside 23 // Brookfield, WI

Burger ** BOOOOO the restaurant closed
Radius // Boston, MA 

Spicy coconut curried goat stew ** see blog post
Highland Kitchen
// Somerville, MA

Frappes … all of them.
Uburger // Boston, MA

“Tomato pie”
Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana // various locations in CT

“Eggs bolly” Benedict with corned beef hash
Rox Diner // Newtonville and West Roxbury, MA

“The King” burger with peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas
Boston Burger Company
 // Boston and Somerville, MA

Chocolate-peanut butter & banana pie
Estelle’s // Boston, MA

“Connecticut-style” (hot with butter) lobster roll
Neptune Oyster // Boston, MA

Four-layer applesauce cake ** BOOOOO the restaurant closed
B Street // Newton, MA

Vietnamese ham sandwich (nicknamed the “spa pig sandwich” by yours truly) ** see blog post
A&J King Artisan Bakery // Salem, MA

Chocolate meringue cake
L’Alouette Caterers // Lexington, MA

What are your thoughts?

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