Professional Food Writing

Here is some of my other food writing. For inquiries about freelance work, please reach out to me at

Chef Barbara Lynch lays it all on the table in her new memoir. April 2017.

Peek Inside Eataly Boston’s Newest Restaurant, Terra. April 2017.

Q&A: David Epstein of Growing Wisdom. Edible Boston. December 2016.

Q&A: Chef David Punch of Sycamore and Little Big Diner. Edible Boston. September 2016.

The Case for Hot Buttered Lobster Rolls. Craving Boston, WGBH. July 2016.

Edible Tastings: Local Sausages, Greater Boston. Edible Boston. June 2016.

Unusual Uses of Nuts. Craving Boston, WGBH. June 2016.

The Hangover Pub, Worcester. Craving Boston, WGBH. May 2016.

Copper Kettle Bakery, Westwood. Edible Boston. April 2016.

Breakfast SandwichesCraving Boston, WGBH. April 2016.

Upgrade Your Chinese Takeout. Craving Boston, WGBH. April 2016.

Shanti, Boston. Craving Boston, WGBH. March 2016.

Chicken Soups to Cure Spring Colds. Craving Boston, WGBH. March 2016.

Paris Creperie, Brookline. Craving Boston, WGBH. March 2016.

My Thai Vegan Cafe, Boston. Craving Boston, WGBH. February 2016.

Q&A with EH Chocolatier, Somerville. Craving Boston, WGBH. February 2016.

Mediterranean Turkish Food, Framingham. Craving Boston, WGBH. January 2016.

Rox Diner, Newtonville and Roxbury. Craving Boston, WGBH. January 2016.

Tatte Bakery, Cambridge. Craving Boston, WGBH. December 2015.

Max Brenner, Boston. Craving Boston, WGBH. December 2015.

The Feisty Greek, Norwood. Craving Boston, WGBH. November 2015.

Cafe Paprika, Norwood. Craving Boston, WGBH. November 2015.

The Roving Lunch Box, Boston. Edible Boston. November 2015.

Dumpling Palace, Boston. Craving Boston, WGBH. October 2015.

Zinneken’s Food Truck, Boston and Cambridge. Craving Boston, WGBH. October 2015.

Milton’s Billion Backyard Bee Project, Milton. Edible Boston. September 2015.

Six Foods, Cambridge. Edible Boston. June 2015.

Chatta Box, Bridgewater. Brockton Enterprise. December 2014.

JJ’s Caffe, Brockton. Brockton Enterprise. December 2014.