Recommended Blogs


Boston has an active (and excellent!) food-blogging community. This is an incomplete list of my favorites.

Behind the Pass  ——  @BehindThePass
With interviews, recipes, and articles, this is “food for thought.” Formerly known as “The Foodie Journal.” A favorite!

Boston Burger Club  ——  @BstnBurgerClub
Concept: Five guys get together once a month for burgers. Execution: a healthy balance of effort and not taking oneself too seriously. This is my go-to site for detailed burger reviews with a sense of humor.

Confessions of a Chocoholic  ——  @BiancaGarcia
One of the best-written Boston food blogs I’ve found. Covering both restaurant reviews and recipes, every dish on this blog is a story.

Hidden Boston  ——  @HiddenBoston
If you’re searching for an affordable meal outside of the city, this should be your go-to blog.

In addition to his own reviews, each week “Johnk” of HubChow compiles a list of restaurant reviews by other Boston food bloggers called “This Week’s Eats.”

Hub Food Trucks —— @StevenL57
Boston’s food truck scene is getting better every day. With news, schedules, and various other food truck resources, this is a website to bookmark.

Just Add Cheese  ——  @MeeshZ & @Jacki_Mo
Good writing, good photos, “food porn” Fridays. Also, a blog written by a pair of Northeastern graduates = awesome recommendations for eateries around Northeastern’s campus. Go Huskies!

Lobster Gal  ——  @Lobster_Gal
You thought you were knowledgable about lobster rolls until you read these anecdotes from a woman blogging her way through every lobster roll in New England. Possible best feature? You can search for lobster rolls she’s written about by location, style, and venue type.

PigTrip —— @PigTripBBQ
My go-to guide for barbecue from Maine down to New Jersey, complete with a directory of barbecue joints by state as well as detailed reviews.

Server Not Servant  ——  @PatrickMBoston
Patrick Maguire is working on a book called “Server Not Servant,” and his blog covers a variety of service industry issues.

Not Boston-Based

Gastronomy Blog —— @GastronomyBlog
Okay, so I’ve never been to LA but I sincerely enjoy reading this LA-based food blog covering recipes and restaurants. The photos are mouthwatering, the writing is detailed yet concise.

What are your thoughts?

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