Recommended Products

These are some food products I recommend, no strings attached. I wasn’t paid to write about them; I wasn’t given samples for free in exchanging for writing about them. I just love these products and think more people should know about them.

Graeter’s Ice Cream —— @Graeters
Typically, you save the frozen goods for last in your shopping trip to avoid ending up with ice cream soup. But Graeter’s is different. When you walk into Whole Foods, you make your way straight to the ice cream section because there never seem to be enough pints of Graeter’s ice cream left and you can’t, you just can’t risk someone else taking the last pint of black raspberry chip while you’re off buying cereal.

There are two methods of acquiring Graeter’s ice cream: (1) Whole Foods carries the brand, but usually has a very limited selection of flavors—in my experience, typically vanilla chip, chocolate chocolate-chip, mint chip, and black raspberry chip. (2) Special order via Graeter’s website, which has many more flavors but is also more expensive. 

Mount Mansfield Maple Candy
For Christmas I received a pound of Mount Mansfield’s small Vermont leaf maple candy. It may have been the greatest gift in the entire history of gift-giving. In addition to the traditional maple sugar candy, I can also vouch for Mount Mansfield’s maple drop candy. This hard candy addresses the main problem with maple sugar candy and maple syrup: the amazing flavor doesn’t last long enough. For a good few months I was inhaling maple candy at the rate of about half-a-pound (sugar and drop) per week. Sadly, I had to cut back before I ended up in a diabetic coma, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less of a supporter of Mount Mansfield maple candy!

Wild Friends Nut Butter —— @2WildFriends
The two young women who started this company (formerly “Wild Squirrel Nut Butter”) asked the age-old question, “What can you do to make already-awesome peanut butter even more awesome?” Their answer: add cinnamon and raisin, or chocolate and coconut, or honey and pretzel, then get creative with almond butter too!

In all the time I’ve watched the Shark Tank business investment show, Wild Friends Nut Butter was the only product I’ve seen there that I’ve actually bought. I placed my order late on Sunday, May 27. Less than thirteen hours later, on Memorial Day morning, I received a shipping confirmation notice. No days off for Wild Friends! (These little things make impressions on customers.) I had never had flavored peanut butter before. Now, I’ll never buy any except the natural, delicious Wild Friends Nut Butter!

What are your thoughts?

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